"My Little Red/Green Coat" is an interactive musical short film.

It's a short film: it runs about 4-6 minutes.
It's a musical: it's entirely sung through.
It's interactive: at pivotal moments in the story, the viewer makes choices for the protagonist that impact how the story unfolds.

It was shot on a Canon 5D and a couple of Canon prime lenses (rented) over three long, cold nights during a New York winter. Music was tracked, mixed and mastered in a bedroom (violin and clarinet were tracked in living rooms in Queens and Brooklyn respectively).

Total cost of production was under $5,000.

"My Little Red/Green Coat" utilizes proprietary technology developed by Interlude

Interlude is a media and technology company at the forefront of immersive video entertainment.

Interlude creates and distributes premium interactive content using its patented technology. Now viewers can step into the narrative and impact its course in real time. Interlude is also home to Treehouse™, a self-serve authoring suite which allows anyone to create interactive videos online. 

Interlude is backed by Sequoia, NEA, Marker, Innovation Endeavors, Intel Capital and Warner Music Group. The company has offices in New York, Los Angeles and Tel Aviv. For more information, visit www.interlude.fm.


"My Little Red/Green Coat" is an experiment in cross-pollinating musical theater and the 21st century. It tells a story using both contemporary musical theater form and convention (characters sing to each other; music accompanies action and informs emotional content) and modern digital content innovation. In other words, it attempts to take what's impactful about musical theater and deliver it in the arena where today's stories are being told.

We (the creators and collaborators involved with this project) feel like we hear a lot about the Internet as a bad thing. It destroys attention spans, we are told, it encourages a culture of "remix" at the expense of original creative thought, and it stands at its heart in opposition to the continued flowering of human artistry.

We think this is dumb, frankly. We think the Internet is neither good nor bad, just a canvas, to be used as its artists see fit. Like anything fantastic, it can be used to numb you out, distract you, pander to you, manipulate you; or it can be used to make something.

Content dictates form, but form can also dictate content: hence "My Little Red/Green Coat," a thing built expressly for the Internet, that can only be experienced as its creators intend it to be experienced on the Internet. We hope it contributes a small piece to a much larger conversation about how 21st century technology affects our hearts and minds, and how our hearts and minds affect 21st century technology.